All the Skies





初出 M3 2013

All the Skies


The most precious and wonderful in the world

Big fluffy heart-shaped cloud

It is slowly flowing and veering

It will change into letters of happiness


Like gravity, we were drawn toward each other

We held hands together 

Your smile gives me the reason to live

This feeling will not change forever and ever


Let us go beyond all the skies 

Don’t be afraid of tomorrow in front of us

Open up our life map 

Let's begin our brand new journey together


Take a look at the ball in my hand

There is a rainbow in the ball

Throw it upward and reach for the sky

Let the Super Ball carry up our dreams



My pure heart that has been locked away in my mind since my childhood
Finally sees light 'cause of you 

Meeting you was a miracle

Our love won’t fade 

We’ll vow our eternal love in this windy land


Let us go beyond all the skies

Days gone by are shining stars

Should we ever disagree

Darling, let us not hold back each other

I wanna laugh and cry as we are


Nobody knows it is treasure 

But only you know 

This precious moment

This precious treasure


(● repeat)


初出 M3 2013

Door (outside)

初出 M3 2013